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You work from anywhere

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If you're tired of commuting to the office, feeling unappreciated at work, or just want to live life on your own terms, this is for you!

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Gareth Pronovost

Hey, I'm Gareth - an entrepreneur, consultant, and YouTuber.

In three years, I've grown my consulting company from $0 to over $1M in annual revenue using a simple framework.

Now that I worked out the kinks, I'm making that framework available to you so you can have a blueprint for creating your own successful consulting business.

Underpaid & Undervalued?

I've always taken pride in my work, but in 2017, I found myself struggling professionally. I had a job that I didn't love and worked for an employer I didn't respect.

Sure, there were nice perks to my job... I loved some of the people I worked with and the office kegerator was pretty cool. But for the most part, I dreaded going into work every day.

I dreamed of feeling empowered by my work, but I really just wanted to be recognized for my efforts. Sadly, my dreams was always out of reach...

Then one day, out of the blue, I got laid off. One minute I was working at my desk, the next minute I was packing up my things. ūüí£ ūüí•

A Blessing in Disguise

As it turns out, this was the best thing that ever happened to me, but I certainly didn't know it at the time. I remember leaving the office, faking a smile as I walked through the lobby. I was embarrassed that anyone might notice the complete shame I felt in my heart.

Who gets let go of from a job they are overqualified for in the first place?

This guy, that's who...

Making Ends Meet

I took some temp work with a new employer who was even worse than the last. I was barely keeping food on the table, but I didn't know what else to do. I was resigning myself to the idea that I would just be stuck working a job I hated for the rest of my life.

Now I was working a new job, more miserable than before, and I felt like my options were getting more limited as time went by...


After a few months, my temp employer offered me a fulltime job. The catch? They offered me 25% less money than the last guy was making.

I couldn't believe it - they knew I was desperate, and made it an opportunity to improve their bottom line.

Never Again

That was it for me. Never again would I undervalue myself and do work for less than I was worth.

I was determined to dictate the terms of my own life.

So, I started out on my own. I had skills that were in demand and I wanted to help people. I decided to start my own consulting company.

I didn't gain much traction, until one day I decided to film a YouTube video about a software I used. Suddenly, clients were calling ME!

I started getting results for my first few clients and in my first month I earned over $10,000!

How to scale?

Things were great for a while, but then I got stuck. I had a hard time delivering the services I was selling because my business wasn't very easy to scale.

Every new client I signed came with a HUGE amount of work and additional costs.

I was just a glorified freelancer with a fancy website.

The million dollar question (literally)

That's when I started to wonder...

Is it even possible to scale a consulting business?

People want my services, but there's only one of me.

How can I grow without sacrificing my personal time?

Breaking Through

I was determined to crack the code, so I went back to the drawing board. I ironed out the exact steps I needed to build a consulting business that actually scales.

You see, simply making sales is only part of the puzzle.

The harder part to solve is how to make more money without sacrificing additional costs or extra time!

I needed to scale.

The Result

Today, I'm happy to say that my consulting business earns over $1M every year. My profits are over $300K, and I work less than 20 hours ever week.

This, my friend, is true freedom.

Give Yourself Permission

This is what Consulting University is all about. You have to give your business permission to scale, and you must do it intentionally.

I've solved this problem for myself and helped other consultants along the way. Now, I want to share this strategy with you so that you can give your consulting business permission to scale.

It's not "passive income" and it's not "service based" - building a successful consulting business uses a unique hybrid approach that gives you a competitive advantage against any of your competitors.

No-Code Consulting Accelerator helps you:


Automate the Flow of New Inbound Leads

Stop worrying about where your next client is coming from and become a known expert in your niche.

Confidently Convert Leads to Clients

Selling can be tricky, but implementing this technique will help you bring value and convert more clients.

Package Services with Massive Value

How you offer your services is just as important as what you offer - learn how to offer maximum value.

Price Packages to Perfection

Learn the secret formulas to pricing your offers to maximize your revenue and not leave money on the table.

The Tools you Need

Consulting University gives you the tools you need to build your own consulting business. It helps you get results faster and without the trial and error that I experienced along my personal journey.

Take a single bullet point from your resume and turn it into a fully-fledged business by implementing the five chapters from this course...



Chapter 1: Attracting Leads

  • How to drive awareness for your services
  • How to share your work in a way that brings new clients
  • How to use email in a non-sleazy way
  • How to use inexpesive ads when needed to grow and scale

Chapter 2: Converting Clients

  • How to engage with prospects and convince them to hire you
  • How to plan your initial client interactions
  • How to say "no" tactfully
  • How to learn from your mistakes to grow and scale

Chapter 3: Packaging Value

  • Why working faster means you deserve more money
  • The three approaches to consulting services
  • How to offer tiers for your packaged services
  • How to package massive value to grow and scale

Chapter 4: Pricing Services

  • The secret formula for pricing tiered offers
  • How to project revenue for your business
  • When to collect payment from your clients
  • How to plan your financials to grow and scale

Chapter 5: Delivering as Promised

  • How to protect yourself with a work agreement (example provided)
  • How to enhance your process with systems and efficiencies
  • How to review your progress to keep on track
  • How to get client feedback to grow and scale

Chapter 6: Beyond $10k/mo

  • How to add additional services to your business
  • How to hire and grow your team
  • When to consider sub-contracting vs. employment
  • Where to find new talent to hire to grow and scale

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I've also included some Epic Bonus Materials including...

Bonus #1: Pre-Approving Qualified Clients

Discovery calls are a great way to sell consulting services, but sometimes the prospective client on the other end isn't a serious buyer.

In this exclusive training, I showcase how you can build a system around pre-qualifying your discovery calls.

Bonus #2: New Revenue with Sponsored Content

At some point, the amazing content you build to attract clients will cause partners to reach out to you.

Learn how I add an additional $5,000 to my revenue every month by creating sponsored content!

Bonus #3: Recorded Interview with Mentor, Paul Minors

When I started my consulting business, Paul was the mentor I reached out to for ideas and advice.

Check out this private interview where Paul and Gareth candidly discuss their businesses and what they credit their successes to.

Bonus #4: Recorded Interview with Gareth about Scaling in Consulting

Watch this pre-recorded interview, where Gareth sat down with other aspiring consultants.

The interview is a candid discussion about the hurdles of growing a consulting business.

Bonus #5: Content Production Airtable Template


Want to streamline your content production? You'll get a copy of Gareth's Airtable Template with training videos to help you get this set up to streamline your process!

All this for a one-time payment of $797

Or, if the bonus material is overkill, you can always skip it. This course is also offered with a "Basic" option that suits a lower budget without the bonuses!

Pick the option that is best for you and take the first step toward your lifestyle of true freedom with consulting.

The choice is up to you...



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No-Code Consulting Accelerator Course
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PDF Templates for Consulting
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Software Tutorials
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Life time access to our community:
No-Code Growth Club Pro

"Pre-Approving Qualified Clients" Tutorial

"New Revenue with Sponsored Videos" Training

Recorded Interview with Mentor,
Paul Minors

Recorded Interview with Gareth about Scaling in Consulting

Airtable Template:
Content Production

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One time

No-Code Consulting Accelerator Course
(60+ lessons)

PDF Templates for Consulting
(proposal, work agreement, etc.)

Software Tutorials
(build with me lessons)

Life time access to our community:
No-Code Growth Club Pro

"Pre-Approving Qualified Clients" Tutorial

"New Revenue with Sponsored Videos" Training

Recorded Interview with Mentor,
Paul Minors

Recorded Interview with Gareth about Scaling in Consulting

Airtable Template:
Content Production

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