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Experiment Results šŸšØ Ad Campaign Analysis

May 26, 2023

Last month I set up an experiment to see if I could increase the number of viewers to my brand-new youtube channel. I set a limit for spending no more than $5 a day through Google Ads. Today I’m going to dive back in and see what the results were, if this was a success, if I need to adjust things, or if it was a complete bust! Let’s find out together 

In this video, I go over the results of the Ad experiment I ran for 30 days and talk about the results. You’ll see how to interpret the impressions, views, and cost-per-click ratio. I’ll also talk about what I would do differently and why it’s important to be okay with making mistakes as you build your effective ad campaign!

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Recapping the terms of the experiment
  • Diving into Impressions and analytics
  • Determining the cost per click
  • What Gareth could have done instead
  • Interpreting the Kajbi landing page analytics
  • What to do if your offer is not working
  • Looking at the conversion rate
  • Looking at Youtube Analytics
  • What does this all mean?

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