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Who Is This Guy?

Hi and thanks for visiting! I'm Gareth Pronovost and I've devoted the last several years to building my first 7-figure business.

Maybe that's what brought you here? As the founder of GAP Consulting I've scaled an online consulting company to become the leading firm in our niche. Our knowledge and expertise is now cemented in our industry through the power of online video. This system brings us new inbound leads every day - 🔥 hot leads who are ready to buy from us because they trust my team to deliver.

Today, my story is one of success, but if you could go back in time and meet me in 2017, you would be surprised at what you'd find.

I was working at a corporate job, very unhappy with my career, and I felt like I was flailing professionally. This was bleeding into my personal life and I was starting to wonder if I'd ever lead the kind of life I dreamed of:

  • Can I have a fulfilling career where my work has a REAL impact?
  • Will my boss ever realize how much I contribute and pay me my worth?
  • Why do I waste hours a day commuting downtown, just to stare at a computer?
  • How can I use my expertise to help more people, without working more?

If you find yourself asking similar questions, you've come to the right place, my friend!

In the years that followed, I discovered a path that allowed me to grow my own business while working less... while working from anywhere!



Being Laid Off And Undervalued

I tried to build businesses in the past, but never found much success. Reluctantly, I gave up and found a job in corporate America.

I parked my body in front of a computer for 8 hours a day and watched the clock tick by. It was excruciatingly painful. There had to be more to life - I wanted a job that had real meaning and impact!

Then one day, my boss made the hard decision for me. I was laid off.

Imagine my stress. I just got engaged. My fiancée and I just bought our first home. How was I going to provide for my family?

I was lucky to snag a temp job, but they didn't need more than 15 hours a week from me.

Times were LEAN! The work was even worse, but I had to keep food on the table, right?

And then, one day, my temp employer fired my new boss and asked me to take his place. I was excited at first, but then learned they were cutting costs. My former boss was paid $120k per year and they offered me the same job for only $90k. 😲

At that moment, it finally clicked for me. I realized that no employer would ever pay me my worth. I was going to have to carve my own path if I wanted to build the life I envisioned.

I turned down the offer and somehow convinced my fiancée that I had a plan...

I knew I needed to act quickly. My fiancée was committed to walking down the aisle with me, but how long would she tolerate me, as I struggled to contribute financially?

I wanted to have a real impact.

I needed to find financial stability.

I dreamed of building a business that I could scale...


The Power Of Online Video

My first step was to buy a course from (my now friend) Paul Minors. Paul's course taught me a lot and helped get me started. But, I still didn't have a plan for getting customers.

For years I had watched YouTube creators and thought they were amazing. Working from anywhere, these creators were helping to solve problems and reaching thousands, or millions, or viewers. But, I thought, I'd need to build a channel to 100,000 subscribers to have any real impact or build a meaningful business for myself.

I was so wrong!

I started my YouTube channel with one goal in mind: helping people. I created a video about using Airtable (the software that GAP Consulting works with). At the end of that video, I asked people to book a free chat with me if they needed more help.

I published the video and then pushed pause on my work. I flew to Jamaica to marry my fiancée on the beach - I decided I'd worry about the rest of this business stuff later.

What happened next surprised even me.

The emails started coming in. And before I knew it, I had four chats lined up with prospective clients when I got back home.

And from those four calls, THREE decided to buy from me!

In total, those three clients paid me $10,000 IN ONE MONTH! I was stunned.

From that, GAP Consulting grew to include many different services, including courses, hourly support, and custom development. Every new way we offered our services, I built things that would scale so that my business never took over my life.

I'm proud to say that today I work less than 20 hours per week, while my business produces nearly $1M in annual revenue (and growing).

By first focusing on helping people solve their problems, I convinced my (soon to be) clients that I could help and that they should pay me for my expertise.

But you don't have to struggle for as long as I did. In fact, you can get started today!

Watch my free training to learn the steps I took to close my first $10k month.

You might not make $10k within the next 30 days, but you'll have the groundwork in place for a business that you can scale! What have you got to lose?

Ready to start building a business that can scale?

Watch my free workshop to learn the exact steps I implemented to book my first $10k month. These steps will help you identify your niche, start creating your content, and give you a path to reach hot leads who are ready to buy from you.

Stop dreaming about owning your business and take action today. Scaling a business can be difficult, but learn from my mistakes (and successes) and start with my free 5-Day Challenge. Follow these steps and you'll be earning income as a no-code consultant in no time!

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