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From prospect to client - exploring the customer journey for no-code consultants

Feb 17, 2023

How do you get clients from saying 'I've never heard of you' to later say 'I'm going to spend thousands of dollars with you'? Well, that transition is part of the customer journey. If you need help navigating this process, then this video is a great place to start! 

In this video, I'll be going over the client journey from how to engage with potential clients and how you can draw them in over time. You'll learn about the Know, Like, Trust factor and how that process helps create recurring visits to your content. I also explain how to scale your ability to connect with individuals instead of doing this all one by one.

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • The client journey
  • Know, Like, Trust Factor
  • How to scale connecting with people
  • The importance of continuous engagement
  • Why you need to collect emails
  • Taking this all one step at a time

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