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How I Manage My Time as an Entrepreneur

Aug 25, 2023

Time management is crucial for entrepreneurs, especially those trying to grow an agency. In this video, I share my experiences and strategies around time blocking and incorporating personal self-care into my daily routine. By understanding the importance of these practices, entrepreneurs can effectively prioritize tasks, streamline operations, and ultimately drive their business to new heights.

Time Blocking for Success:

In the early days of GAP Consulting, I was diligent about blocking my calendar to maximize productivity. I allocated specific time slots for essential activities like meeting prospective clients, creating content, and serving paying clients.


Meeting Prospective Clients:
I firmly believe that engaging with prospective clients through introductory calls is an invaluable approach. By dedicating two hours every day to these 30-minute calls, I could deeply understand their problems and provide guidance. This not only resulted in client conversions but also helped me gain confidence in the value I offered. By constantly interacting with prospective clients, I fine-tuned my content creation process to reach and engage more people.


Content Creation:
Allocating focused time for content creation was pivotal for GAP Consulting's growth. With one day a week dedicated to creating YouTube videos, I invested an hour in preparation, an hour in recording, and multiple hours in editing. Additionally, I dedicated time to learning about YouTube SEO and content production best practices. This continuous learning ensured that my content remained relevant and effective, attracting more viewers and potential clients.


Serving Paying Clients:
As a one-person show initially, I prioritized client work after lunchtime. However, as the agency expanded, I realized the need to systematize operations and delegate tasks to trusted team members. This mindset shift allowed him to focus on growth opportunities and avoid being stuck in the day-to-day operations.


The Transition to Flexible Calendaring:

As GAP Consulting grew, my approach to time management evolved. I recognized that I needed to remove myself as the bottleneck to facilitate further growth. My current strategy involves using Calendly, a scheduling tool, to book high-value calls between the hours of 9 am and 12 pm. I still retain control over who gets access to my calendar, ensuring my time is reserved for important meetings that require my expertise.


Benefits of Self-Care:

Incorporating personal self-care throughout the day has become a priority for me. As an entrepreneur, I acknowledges that taking care of my mind and body directly impacts my ability to lead and grow my team effectively. By dedicating time for activities like playing hockey or attending chiropractor appointments, I ensures my physical and mental well-being. This commitment to self-care has proven invaluable in preventing burnout and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.



 Time management and self-care are integral components to successfully growing an agency. Through time blocking, entrepreneurs can prioritize essential tasks, interact with prospective clients, and produce high-quality content. As the agency expands, it becomes crucial to delegate tasks and focus on strategic growth opportunities. Moreover, entrepreneurs must prioritize self-care to maintain their physical and mental well-being, ensuring they can lead their teams effectively. By understanding and implementing these practices, entrepreneurs can achieve their goals and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.


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Remember, effective time management and self-care are the keys to success as an agency owner. Prioritize your time, engage with clients, and take care of yourself to fuel your agency's growth and your personal well-being.

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