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How to build an email funnel in Kajabi

Apr 07, 2023

Sometimes clients are not always ready to commit to working with you right away. Sometimes it can take a few months or even a year until they're ready to actually pull the trigger and buy from you. If you need help keeping your audience engaged via email, then look no further than Kajabi and its email funnel feature! 👇 

In this video, I showcase why Kajabi is a fantastic all-in-one service to help you run specific actions in your business, such as building email funnels. I'll go over the different functions of email marketing in Kajabi such as the difference between sequences and blasts, and how funnels work in Kajabi. I'll also explain why you should end your email sequences with your pitch.

In this video you'll learn:

  •  What is Kajabi?
  • How to utilize the Email Campaigns
  • Using funnels inside of Kajabi
  • How do Kajabi automations work?
  • Dialing in on B2S Email Sequences
  • Developing your work pitch

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