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How to organize your time as a new consultant ⏲️

Apr 21, 2023

If you're new to no-code consulting, it's important to prioritize the key components of your business that help you grow and make money. If you're struggling to get those core tasks done, then you may have a scheduling issue. That's why I'm showing how you can organize and prioritize your time in this video!

In this video, I break down the four key components that I found I needed to prioritize in my work day, and how this same method can be applied to yours. You’ll be able to identify the key components that you need to prioritize in your business including generating content, connecting with new leads, and getting work done. I’ll also break down how I split my day between all these tasks.


In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Identifying the key components that need your attention
  • Key component #1: creating content for your marketing
  • Key component #2: engage with new leads
  • Key component #3: client work
  • Key component #4: miscellaneous work
  • How to split time over your 8-hour workday

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