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How to pivot from a "failed" experiment

Jun 09, 2023

When a marketing experiment doesn’t work the way we intended, it can sting, but the most important takeaway is to move forward. But the question is how do we do that? That’s why I wanted to discuss what I learned from my “failed” marketing experiment and show you my thought process on how I intend to pivot in growing Built2Scale.

In this video, I discuss further my recent Google ad campaign results and how I need to pivot the business. I’ll break down why the offers I presented for GAP Consulting did not necessarily work for Built2Scale as I intended. I also talk about what I learned at a recent Kajabi Conference and how I should go about marketing my services for future potential clients and what market research to conduct to improve my course. 

In this video, you'll learn about:

  • Recapping what we learned from our experiments
  • What worked with GAP Consulting
  • What I learned at the Kajabi Conference
  • Different Audiences
  • Where does Built2Scale go from here?
  • Finding out what people like/want changed in my course
  • Find out where people want to meet for building their business
  • Remember what to do when you get stuck

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