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How Communities can help you grow as a consultant

Mar 31, 2023

If you’re a no-code consultant, you are probably looking for new ways to help even more people. At some point, you won’t be able to scale one-on-one meetings, and you’ll need to transition to working with people in larger groups. That’s why I want to go over how you can leverage private communities to scale the number of people you can help! 

I clarify why building a community is an advanced section of consulting, and why this should be applied once you’re established. I’ll also explain why it’s helpful to sell a course in tandem with a community and how they complement each other. You’ll also see how I use Kajabi to run my Built2Scale community, and some of the extremely useful tools you can use to run yours!

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • When you should consider building a community
  • Using a community together with selling a course
  • Free Community pros and cons
  • What the Kajabi community looks like
  • Using gamification to grow engagement
  • Meetups within the community
  • Additional pros of Kajabi 

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