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The essential tools in our no code software stack

Sep 29, 2023

As a consulting firm specializing in no-code solutions, we understand the importance of leveraging the right tools to streamline our operations. Let's take a closer look at GAP Consulting's software stack and the essential no-code tools we rely on. From Airtable and Slack for collaboration to Make for automation and Kajabi for our website and courses, discover the software stack that keeps us running smoothly.

Airtable: The Backbone of our Business Operations

At the core of our operations lies Airtable, a versatile and powerful no-code platform. Airtable serves as our centralized database, where we manage all client projects in a single shared base. This allows for seamless collaboration between our development team, which consists of developers and project managers. Each team member has their own interface tailored to their specific needs, ensuring easy access to relevant project data and the ability to submit invoices for their work.

Slack: Enhancing Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration and communication are vital for any business. That's where Slack comes in. With multiple dedicated channels, we use Slack to facilitate both high-level leadership discussions and team support. It enables us to stay focused on task management with dedicated channels for payment notifications, deadlines, and general chat. Slack also serves as a platform where newer team members can seek guidance from more experienced colleagues, fostering a supportive work environment.

Make: Harnessing the Power of Automation

Automation is the secret ingredient that makes our business operations efficient and scalable. While we used to rely on Zapier, we've transitioned to Make due to Zapier's rising costs. Make offers a similar ease of use but at a more sustainable price point. Nearly all of our automation processes now run through Make, ensuring that multiple tasks are streamlined and executed seamlessly across various platforms.

Smartsuite: Empowering Task Management

No business can thrive without effective task management. Smartsuite, a promising no-code tool, excels in this area. It allows us to assign tasks to team members, create to-do lists, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Smartsuite helps keep everyone organized, ensuring projects are completed on time and with precision.

Calendly: Simplifying Hourly Consulting

For our hourly consulting team, Calendly acts as an essential scheduling tool. It enables clients to book appointments with our experts through a Calendly link, ensuring efficient time management and eliminating back-and-forth emails. Calendly's integration with Stripe also allows for seamless payment processing.

Kajabi: A Comprehensive Platform for Website and Course Management

Our website and online courses find their home on Kajabi, an all-in-one platform we truly love. Kajabi offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features to help us create, manage, and sell online courses effortlessly. Sending emails to our clients is also seamlessly integrated within Kajabi, ensuring consistent and effective communication with our audience.

Miro: Visualizing Workflows with Mind Mapping

In the world of no-code, understanding the client's workflow is essential before undertaking any project. Miro, a mind-mapping software, allows us to map out and visualize the entire process. This aids in identifying pain points, optimizing workflows, and creating efficient solutions for our clients. Miro's seamless integration with Airtable makes it the perfect tool for mapping out complex projects.

Google Suite: Essential for Collaboration and Documentation

No software stack is complete without mentioning Google Suite. We rely on Gmail for email communication and Google Docs for collaborative document editing. These tools ensure seamless collaboration and easy access to shared information within our team.


Running a successful no-code consulting firm requires meticulous organization, streamlined processes, and efficient communication. By leveraging the power of Airtable, Slack, Make, Smartsuite, Calendly, Kajabi, Miro, and Google Suite, we have built a robust software stack that empowers our team and enhances our customer experience. Through automation and no-code tools, we can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional results to our clients.

If you're considering starting your own no-code journey or looking to optimize your business operations, we highly recommend exploring these software tools. They will undoubtedly help you streamline your processes, boost productivity, and achieve greater success in the dynamic realm of no-code consulting.

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