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Why consider SmartSuite?

Nov 28, 2022

SmartSuite is a newly launched no-code software that creates serious potential for no-code consultants. This training breaks down my top 4 reasons for believing that SmartSuite is here to stay, and as a bonus I break down why you should consider consulting in the software!

Founding Team

The founding team at SmartSuite has done this before and they are coming back for more! In 2010 this team had a successful exit from a separate no-code software and they are making that experience work for them! I'll take an experienced team with a proven track record any day of the week.

Initial Funding

SmartSuite's founding team is self-funding their launch. This allowed them to work in secret for three years to perfect the software before going live! $12.5 million is the reported amount that this team has self-funded, which has allowed them to focus on the software development without worrying about keeping investors happy. This gives them a flexibility that isn't often seen in new SAAS companies!

Development Strategy

SmartSuite has a global team in over 9 countries around the world. This approach to product development enables the SmartSuite team to deploy new updates at a record breaking pace! The sun never sets on the SmartSuite development team, giving them a massive edge over geographically concentrated competitors.

Go-to Market Strategy

As a veteran team, SmartSuite has strategically considered their go-to market strategy. Many new SAAS companies take the approach of, "if we build it, they (users) will come" - but we are seeing this approach fail all too often. Instead, SmartSuite has a specific strategy in mind to appeal to new users through a robust partnership program. This program is two-fold, including an incredibly generous affiliate program, coupled with a supportive partnership environment.


With these reasons in mind, I challenge anyone to find a more intriguing no-code tool than SmartSuite! Additionally, if you're looking for a new no-code software to consult in, I hope this grabs your attention.

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